Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Update

I think the last time I posted was before the play went live.
Its been a *really* long month.

The play went well.
And my girl's were outstanding.
Of course.

I had high hopes of getting alot done in March.
But that didn't happen.

Right before the play went on stage, my mom let me know that my grandfather was stopping all his medical treatments.
And that was the beginning of the end.
He died on March 18th.
Hubby and I flew home for the funeral, while his mom stayed here to take care of the kids.
I just got home yesterday, after being gone for 6 days.
And we leave for Disney a week from tomorrow.

I think I have everything I need to make my Disney projects.
Except, maybe, time.
All my projects are small, but one of them I need to design myself, possibly with some help from patterns.
I'll try to keep you updated, if not, I'll be back mid April!
I'll say hi to Mickey for you!

Monday, March 5, 2012

One Thing, One Week

This week is Amy's One Thing, One Week Challenge.

This week is also PRODUCTION week!
Anything Goes will be on stage at our local high school Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 pm.
As usual, I'm glad its almost over.
But I'm also a bit sad....its a pretty good time to hang out with all those teen's!
Gives me a good insight into what my kids are dealing with in school.

We handmade 33 costumes this year.
Plus many many alterations, hems, fringe, etc
I won't be sad to be done with that!

For my OTOW challenge,
I'd like to get at least 1 of my March projects done.
I have a 12" block that needs done and I want to make some more dishtowels.
As long as I get one of those done this week, I'll be happy.
Really, that means today, tomorrow or Weds, as Thurs and Fri my in laws will be here and I won't be "free" to go work in the cave.

My drama sewing should be done, at least take home stuff. We are in full dress rehersal's tonight and tomorrow, and then have Weds off. Yeah!

I hate blogging without a picture...let me see if I can find something new.
Doubtful, as I haven't been sewing, but maybe there is a valentine something hanging around, waiting to be posted!
Ok, not valentine, but something I did finish recently.
My son really wanted an apron so he could help cook.
Skulls and flames, what more could a boy ask for?
(it's reversible, but he seem's to like this side best!)
And.....some embroidery I finished.
This will be part of a 12" block I am making to hang in the kitchen for March.

Have a great week!
I'll be back to show my finished project(s) and hopefully back to blogging more often!