Monday, April 28, 2014


I'm going to try this again!
Internet Explorer seems to be giving me trouble!
Everytime I add a photo, it freezes, I lose my post and I have to reboot.
I tried to post before I went on vacation, but that happened, and I didn't try again, so now I'm back and you get new vacation pictures!
Hawaii was beautiful and amazing, as always. I love it there! I wouldn't want to live there, but I could visit a few times a year! I guess hubby needs to get a higher paying job! LOL
So, I have to start with this pic, because its just so cool!
Sam wanted to hold the parrots last time we were there but it didn't happen, so I promised her it would this time. We didn't see them at the same place and she was so disappointed.
BUT! We found some somewhere else and look at what happened! I have a whole set of these photo's and they are so great!

And this is the famous cliff diving in Kaanapali Beach, near Maui
Unfortunately, not near as cool as we thought it would be.

THIS was cool:
Until the lifeguard told us we were too close and could get a ticket. So we backed off, but it was so neat! We saw 6 or 7 sea turtles on the beach that day. This was at Punaluu Black Sand Beach, near Hilo.

This is Rainbow Falls, near Hilo.

And here we are, getting ready to go snorkeling in Kauai.
Ignore the bearded Canadian in the background!
I have some formal photo's from the ship, as well as some shots they took of us departing, but I haven't scanned those yet, so you may get to see those later! 

I have to leave you with these photo's of this beautiful rainbow we saw over the Na Pali coastline as we were leaving Kauai. I have never seen as many rainbows as we saw this trip, but this one beat them all. It was just amazing!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Blurry Vision

I use the desktop computer several times a day usually.
Probably  more then I should.
But lately, I have a problem.
I can't always see what I'm doing.
I don't need new glasses.
But something keeps getting in my way.
Or maybe I should say someone.
I wish you could have seen her when she climbed behind the monitor,
put two paws on top and then peeked her little head up.
Just way too cute!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday Seven

Well, heck! I don't know where the week went! I can tell you that I didn't spend a minute of it sewing, darn it! And since I didn't post all week and even missed my Friday Five, you're getting a Saturday Seven. But it has to be quick, since I have to leave soon!

  1. Big news! Samantha got accepted into 2 colleges this week! Both offered scholarships, but neither are her top two choices, so we're still waiting to hear from them. But, its so exciting and she is just beside herself! Yeah, she's going to college!
  2. Hubby got his orders for a new job. That's great news for him, but its going to mean a major upheaval for everyone else. We're lucky we got to stay in this area for so long (8 years!), but its going to be hard to leave. Now I have to see about finding a new house and possibly a new school district. We're on the fence about homeschooling our youngest least hubby is, I'm not, I think she should be homeschooled, but we'll see how that shakes out. For now, we're in the planning stages.
  3. Graduation quilt update: the 38 6x10 blocks are half done....I must have worked on those last weekend. All that will be left is the 15 6x6 blocks and then assemble and borders. Its getting there, but not quickly if I don't get any sewing done.
  4. Nick starts his swimming class today, which is why I need to hurry up! He's excited about it! He's a great swimmer, but he loves to be underwater and this will help him work on his surface strokes.
  5. The reason I've been missing this week is because everyone has been home! MLKJr day on Monday, then we had snow days on Tues and Weds, 2 hour delays Thurs and Fri, and hubby and my daycare baby have been sick. Its been hectic!
  6. I finally got christmas packed up and in bins. This year has been horrible with procrastination as it had to packed better then usual since I knew a move was in our future. It took me 3+ hours to get it all wrapped up and put away. Now hubby needs to get the bins out into the shed, but since he's sick, I guess I'll give him a break.
  7. And, LOL, my big news of the week is my son got a haircut! 3 years growing it out and 30 minutes to cut it off! He looks like a different kid!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Five

Its Friday again.....I've been meaning to blog all week, but haven't had any pics to go with a post, so I haven't posted and all of a sudden its the end of the week. I still don't have pictures, but I'm going to blog anyway!

  1. Samantha's graduation quilt is 24 10x10 blocks, 38 (I think) 6x10 blocks and 15 6x6 blocks. The 10x10 blocks are done, they just need trimmed up to an accurate 10x10. I am still working on making perfect squares.
  2. I really really really hope the Denver Bronco's win this weekend and make it into the SuperBowl!
  3. I'm already thinking of the Hawaii sewing I want to get done. I know Sam needs a new make up bag and I love this one. I use mine every day (this one isn't mine, it was a gift to my sister, but apparently, I don't have a picture of mine. You can change all the pockets around to make it fit what make up you use, its really great!)
  4. 3 day weekend!!! The christmas decorations are down, but they need put away, I need to do laundry and clean the house, but I really want to sew. And do nothing, which really means lay on the couch and read. We'll see what get's done!
  5. We're going prom dress shopping this weekend! That's always exciting, and I can't wait to see what Sam pick's out! I'm sure it and she will be beautiful!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Five

  1. Just when you think homeschooling is getting easier, you have a doozy of a day. Oh well. We go up, we go down, but the work get's done and I know the next day will be better.
  2. Sam's graduation quilt is started. Its all cut out, 1 block is done, and I have started chain piecing all the 10 inch blocks.
  3. I bought Amazon Prime today....I hope its worth it. I ordered a ton of stuff for Christmas using a friends Prime, so I know I love it and I use it, but dang, I didn't want to PAY for it! LOL
  4. Its going to be a busy weekend. I'm taking Sam to get her hair cut tonight, Cass has to work tomorrow, which means chauffering her back and forth, I believe Tim is taking 2 of the kids to an art museum during the day, and Sunday we're having lunch with friends and then back here for the Denver game at 4:30. Somewhere in between I need to clean house, do laundry, take down the rest of the Christmas decorations, SEW and relax. Prozac, please!
  5. Have you met my cats? We adopted Captain in July and Princess in December. They are both rescues and as sweet as can be. Captain is aloof and quiet, doesn't get into much and minds his own kitty business. Princess, on the other hand, gets into everything! She is your typical curious kitten and you never know where you're going to find her!