Friday, October 26, 2012


That's what they're calling it here.
My hubby is calling it The Perfect Storm.
Have you ever seen that movie? I can't quite list it as one of my favorites, but I do like it alot.
Hurricane from the south.
Cold front from the north.
And a wintry storm from the west.
Sounds bad, doesn't it?
Check this out:
We're right in the middle of the east coast.
That black dot by Tuesday, yep, that's us.
They're saying its going to ruin Halloween, boy won't my kids be unhappy.
Good thing I bought candy they like to hand out, as that may be all they're getting.
In the meantime, we prepare.
Hubby is finishing up taking down the pool. The deck has already been cleared for the winter.
I need to run to the store and get some essentials, but I did major grocery shopping last week, so we're ok there.
Hope you stay safe, dry and warm!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Some Halloween Sewing

Here are a few goodies for your eyes
This apron was actually sewn back in September. I think. I pinned it last fall and never found the time to make it, although I did buy the fabric. So, this fall it made a reappearance and I got it done!
Since I stole borrowed the idea from someone's etsy site, I didn't have a pattern, so I just kind of made due, combined 2 different patterns and voila, here it is.
Here is the original:
Pretty close, right? I love how it turned out and it makes me feel cute when I wear it :)
In other halloween news:

Over the summer I became obsessed with making these kitchen towels that hang on the oven handle.
No more towels on the floor. Or the stove. Or the counter. No more searching for one when your hands are dripping wet.
The two towels on the right are from Jen. You may remember that she made them for me last year for our Santa Sack Swap. They used to look like this:

I just added the strips of fabric at the top to make them hangable. Hope you don't mind Jen!
And, last but not least, a project I made last year that I don't think I ever shared:
A folded star pot holder, pattern courtesy of Moda Bake Shop.
This hangs above my stove, and although I don't use it as a pot holder, it certainly could be! Its nice and thick!
That's it for today, thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October Update

I meant to post yesterday,
as that would have been the 2 month mark since my last post.
No wonder I don't have many followers, huh?
Alot has happened since my last post, back in August.
My mom and my grandma came to visit.
I took senior pictures of my daughter.
I took regular, yearly pictures of the other kids.
I did a bit of golfing.
Drama club has started and is in full swing.
Fall decorations went up and came back down.
Halloween decorations are up.
Thanksgiving is already being planned,
Christmas lists have sorta been started in my head.
I guess my biggest time eater upper is this:
Yep, that's Adalynn.  She'll be 3 months old in a few days.
I don't get much done when she's around!
We laugh and talk and do lots of cuddling.
Of course, she also does a lot of fussing and crying; babies do that.
I've managed to get a few sewing things done anyway.
And if my iphone ever finishes syncing, I'll be able to show you something. I hope.
Yesterday I worked on Samantha's halloween costume.
Why is she always the one who wants work out of me?
Regardless, it's turning out cute and should be done before the annual teen halloween party on Saturday night.
The other kids bought a packaged costume, although Allie needs me to do a small bit of work to get her costume all pulled together.
Oh! And Nick picked out a scarey costume that he can't wear to school so hubby and I are going to design him a Lego Mini Figure costume for the parade at school.
Alright, no pics from the iphone this morning, maybe next time? As I think about it, I really do have alot quite a bit to show off.