Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI Results

My FNSI results are less then impressive.
I kinda forgot.

It was an incredibly busy day yesterday.
I took Allie out in the morning to run errands.
BJs and Joanns.
I did get the 8 yds of white I needed to start making Swoon.
Then home where I paired up my Ruby squares and started cutting out Block 1.
By 1:30 we were out the door to take Sam and hubby to the mall.
Sam needed new sneakers for school and then her and hubby were going to see movies.
Yes, different ones.
I did some browsing and then read a book while I waited for them.
As soon as they were done, it was back home, pick up the littler kids
and off to the elementary school to meet their new teachers for this year.
After that, we endured a bad rain and thunder storm and I sat in the rocking chair,
cuddled up under Cherry on Top and read a book.
And totally forgot about the FNSI.
But I did get the 2 fat quarters cut for block 1, so I guess I got something done.
Ahhh well, it was a productive week none the less :)

And Juliann, here is the pattern I am using to make my halloween quilt.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Picture Perfect Thursday

I wanted to do a wordless Wednesday post,
but alas, it was not to be.
I got in my morning walk/run.
I got the water off the pool cover (that was a 2 hour job).
I let the kids swim for 3 hours.
And then I quilted.
The baby quilt squares are complete and I am starting to assemble the rows.

The light in the dining room wasn't great for this pic, sorry.
The "strings" that you see in the top corner squares are actually ties to attach baby toys to.
The bottom squares will have those as well. The "off color" inner blocks are actually iSpy squares that I picked up at the Quilt Expo this summer. I love how it is turning out!

And now.....
4 halloween squares.
These will not be sitting next to each other, but this gives you an idea of the blocks.

Finally, part of a runner I put together for summer.
It still needs layered and quilted.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Email can be such a deterent to real life.
But we all have it.
And, for me at least, its fairly necessary.
You know.
I get notices from my fave stores.
Reminders from the library.
Info from the kids school.
Bills due.
You know.  I'm sure you get the same stuff.
But yesterday, I got a baby shower invitation.
I have a quilt all planned out for this baby.
But she's not due 'til October.
The END of October.
I thought I had plenty of time.
Except the baby shower is in the middle of September.
Which I guess I should have expected, if I had thought about it.
Its a good thing I had the quilt planned and fabric purchased.
Well, it was planned in my mind. Not really on paper.
Or computer.
Ok. I got this.
Last night, I sat here and designed it on the computer.
Today, I started it.
It will probably go pretty quick, as it really is small, only about 47x47.
BUT! I had other things on my list to be done first!
My halloween quilt.
The secret quilt I can't blog about yet.
The halloween panels that need quilted.
So I've been derailed.
But its still quilting, right?
And I do love making baby quilts.

Once this one is done, it should be my #9 of 11 in '11.
Pics to come later!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

August Update


I feel like I am still on island time.
Which is both good and bad.
Good because I still feel like I'm on vacation.
Which I am. Sorta. For at least another week.
Bad because I still feel like I'm on vacation
and I'm not really getting anything done!

However, I have some excuses.
And some things I've gotten done.
But no pics today, sorry.
Maybe later this week!

In terms of excuses, my mom has been in town.
That only happens twice a year, so I treasure my time with her and stay out of the cave while she's here.
She was supposed to leave today, but due to air traffic problems in the midwest, she's staying another night.
So, yeah!
We went camping while she was here, and boy did that bring back memories of being a kid!
My mom is great!

As for things I have gotten done....
I was steadily working on my halloween quilt.
Its going to be in this pattern:

My black is a black on black swirl and the yellow is a deep purple with a sparkle in it.
I'm hoping to finish up the blocks this week.
I am already signed up for the FNSI, so that should help.

I bought the rest of the fabric I needed to make my neice's christmas quilt.

And I got an email last week that The Fat Quarter Shop got Ruby in!!

I bought the Swoon pattern soon after it was released and knew it was going on my bed.
I'm going to increase the size to make the blocks 4x4 and add some borders to make it a bit bigger on the sides, but I am really excited to make this.
So, I ordered Ruby today.
Plus some Kate Spain Flurry charm squares.
And 2 patterns.
Yep, I really like the FQS.

 That's my update.
I'll try to get back here more often.
The kids start school next week,
and that will make things easier.
I love having them home for the summer,
but I am always ready for them to go back to school.