Monday, November 29, 2010

December Week 1 Goal

I'm going to add this into my list of things to blog every week. I hope.
We'll see. But I'm gonna try! LOL

So, my goals for this week are:
  • complete my sister's placemats (only 3 more left to quilt)
  • start and finish a tablerunner, also for my sister
  • make a pair of pajama's for my nephew
  • make a pair of pajama's for my neice
  • get all of the above things wrapped, boxed and mailed
  • and....if I find time and fabric, make a tablerunner for my sister in law as well

Amy's Creative Side Challenge Complete!

Thanks Amy (@Amy's Creative Side) for such a great challenge! I got what I needed done,
plus quite a bit more! Yeah!

Here is my table square...measures 24"
So cheerful on the little table in my kitchen corner!

And my placemats:

There are 6 of these all together. My goal was to get them all pieced, which I did,
but I also got 3 of them quilted. 2 of them are done, binding and all, and the 3rd has the binding half on.

Goal met! Thanks Amy for doing this!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Accounting

I like the idea of accountability, so I'm going
to give this a shot.
This week I have worked on several things, not all on my list of
things to do.

Projects Started:
-6 placemats for my sister for christmas
(all are pieced and waiting for quilting,
1 has the quilting started)
-table runner for my sister
(partially cut out)
-pajama's for my nephew
(cut out)

Projects Completed:
-2 eye masks for my niece and nephew
-2 fabric covered 4x6 photo albums
-24" quilted table square for my small kitchen table

Projects In Statis:
-quilt for my mom for christmas...needs a block appliqued
(haven't even started that part)
and then the last row attached and the edges sewn and then "ragged"
-receiving blanket size quilt for my new nephew
that is due to arrive in March
(the blocks are put together,
I need to applique a teddy bear into the middle block)
 and then finish piecing the top, quilt and bind

Projects on the To Do list:
too many to name without my list in front of me.
but I'm working on getting it all done!

This week's stats:
Currently in progress: 5
Completed projects: 5
New projects started: 3

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I'm working on it!

I have gotten alot done today!
I've been working on the placemats for my sister.
 I got the dresden plates completely put together by lunchtime.

Then I sat down with a pen and paper and worked out what sizes I needed
to make the placemat. I had an ideal size in my head, but I hadn't
yet written down what size I needed the different
strips and blocks.

I got everything cut out except the binding.
I decided at the last minute to use wonder under underneath the
middle circles, so I got that cut and adhered onto the backside
of the circles. Then I centered the plate on the 10" square, got the circle on where
it belongs and ironed again.

Paused for a quick run to the library with my daughter.

Came home and appliqued the circles onto the middle of the plates.
They look good, I am really happy with them.

Next, I'll add the side borders (2) and then the top and bottom. Then, quilt and bind.
I'm hoping to get the rest of the piecing done tonight and maybe,
possibly, start the quilting tomorrow, in between the feast making.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Challenge Part 1

Amy's Creative Side posted a challenge this week that I mentioned in my last post.
My challenge to myself was 2 parts:
1. Quilt a 24" table square that I made for my small kitchen table.
Amy posted a week or 2 ago about using a Dresden ruler to make a plate. I'm a fairly new quilter, but I love new things and this was a great one for me.

I'm not 100% in love with the middle circle, but as it was my first time doing a circle, its not so bad.
I guess.
I'll post another pic this weekend after I get some kind of christmas decoration set in the middle of it.
But for now, the first part of my challenge is done.

Monday, November 22, 2010

My Challenge from Amy's Creative Side

These are all my dresden plate pieces that have already been sewn together
across the top. They are waiting for me to trim the corners and then turn them into a point.
This is 5 placemat's worth.

This is the one I put together last night. I used 3.5 inch pieces to make this plate
that fit's inside a 10" block.
The finished product will be a placemat that measure 12.5x17".
I'm not sure what the final design is going to look like.

For the challenge, I would like to get all 6 of these placemats pieced together as well as quilt a 24" table square that I pieced last night.

Quilted Christmas Table Runner

I did this table runner on Saturday
I picked out the fabric back in August or September, but I just now got around to putting it together.
This runner measures 13.75x35.5 inches
It fits in the middle of my table with enough room on all edges to also fit placemats.
I wanted it to be able to stay on the table and serve as a hot pad while I am serving dinner

Here's a close up.
I love how the colors go together.