Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Year in Review

Its only mid April!

But I feel like this year has already been so busy and hectic!
And my poor blog has just been ignored!

I can't promise that I'll blog more often, but I am going to try.
I really hope that life is going to slow down a bit, at least for awhile!

I look at the past few months and I know they have flown by.
Drama took up all of my January and February.
It took up the first 12 days of March.
Less then a week later, my grandpa died.
A week gone, a week and a half at home,
and then a week in Disney.
I've now been home just over a week.
But my son's 10th birthday is this weekend.
Next Thursday we have 10 of hubby's friend's coming to stay at our house for a golf tournament on Friday.
And my middle daughter's Sweet Sixteen party is Saturday night, with her birthday the next day.
God grant me the patience....

I have sewn here and there this year.
I have a feeling its not going to be a year of quilts,
but rather, smaller projects.
My one  finished quilt top was for Valentine's day and I never got it layered and quilted.
And I only have 2 Swoon blocks done.

I guess I just can't wrap my mind around any big projects.
And I'm ok with that. Mostly.

I have a Blueberry Crumb Cake jelly roll that I want to make plans for and order the additional yardage before it leaves the store. I really want to get on that.

I want to work on Swoon. My plan had been to have it to the quilters by the end of March. And then life happened. Now, I'll settle for getting it there by the end of June.

I also have serveral wall hanging's, table runners and pillow covers I want to do.
A new apron, or two or three.
Lots of new hanging dish towels for my kitchen.

One thing I have contemplated for several years is being able to get a table at a craft fair.
I'd really like to do that. So, maybe some small projects for that.

I have done some sewing this week. 2 small projects that almost got forgotten!
But, they are for the birthday children and I can't share until after they have made their debut. Its 2 new tradition's that will bless the birthday child every year.

And I know I promised you some Disney sewing projects.
Yeah. They are still in the wash.
Hopefully next week :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

6 parks in 7 days

6 parks
7 days
Up by 6:30am
Down at 10pm
It was a whirlwind
Expedition Everest

Animal Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Rockin' Rollercoaster

Jedi Training Camp

Hollywood Studio's


Sea World

Typhoon Lagoon

Most of my sewing projects are now in the wash. I'll take pics and update when I have them ready!
Jen....I'll email you my Disney tips :)