Monday, April 28, 2014


I'm going to try this again!
Internet Explorer seems to be giving me trouble!
Everytime I add a photo, it freezes, I lose my post and I have to reboot.
I tried to post before I went on vacation, but that happened, and I didn't try again, so now I'm back and you get new vacation pictures!
Hawaii was beautiful and amazing, as always. I love it there! I wouldn't want to live there, but I could visit a few times a year! I guess hubby needs to get a higher paying job! LOL
So, I have to start with this pic, because its just so cool!
Sam wanted to hold the parrots last time we were there but it didn't happen, so I promised her it would this time. We didn't see them at the same place and she was so disappointed.
BUT! We found some somewhere else and look at what happened! I have a whole set of these photo's and they are so great!

And this is the famous cliff diving in Kaanapali Beach, near Maui
Unfortunately, not near as cool as we thought it would be.

THIS was cool:
Until the lifeguard told us we were too close and could get a ticket. So we backed off, but it was so neat! We saw 6 or 7 sea turtles on the beach that day. This was at Punaluu Black Sand Beach, near Hilo.

This is Rainbow Falls, near Hilo.

And here we are, getting ready to go snorkeling in Kauai.
Ignore the bearded Canadian in the background!
I have some formal photo's from the ship, as well as some shots they took of us departing, but I haven't scanned those yet, so you may get to see those later! 

I have to leave you with these photo's of this beautiful rainbow we saw over the Na Pali coastline as we were leaving Kauai. I have never seen as many rainbows as we saw this trip, but this one beat them all. It was just amazing!