Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 16!?!

I don't have any idea HOW it is already Feb 16!
They say time flies when you're having fun.
I think time flies whether you are having fun or not!

Which isn't to say that I'm not having fun.
I am. I think.

Mostly, I am so busy that I don't know if I am having fun or not.
And I am really stressing on the quilting front.
How do you decide what to work on and when?
How do you set your priorities?
I have quite (I just typed quilt, instead of quite, I can't imagine why) a few WIPs.
My Swoon quilt (only 2 blocks done)
My Always and Forever Quilt (finished top, but needs layered and quilted)
Valentine placemats (they are 12" squares that were supposed to be for my A&F quilt, but I didn't like them, so they are turning into placemats)
A 12" block Valentine wall hanging (finished, just needs a hanging sleeve)

Then there are fabrics I have that don't have a plan:
Blueberry Crumbcake
City Weekend
Moda Warm Marbles

Then there are the things I want to make but can't decide when:
Apron for Nick
Mulitple aprons for myself
Ruby throw pillows for my bed, to match the unmade Swoon quilt
Seasonal pillow covers for the couch
March table square for my kitchen table
Valentine Ribbon Wreath
March kitchen towels

But the reason for my busy-ness is Drama.
Drama Club, not drama of the teenage variety.
We go into production in about 20 days, give or take a few.
We are costuming about 50 kids.
With approx 3 costumes each.
Some have as many as 6!
In addition, we have a group of 14 girls that have to match in most scenes.
And we were only able to find 1 dress that works for all 14.
So, we are making 30 more. 2 scenes, 14 girls each, plus the lead, so 15 costumes per scene.
Its a bit crazy. And that may be an understatement!

I'd like to be a better blogger.
I do have several things I have completed and want to show you.
But I don't think I even have pics of everything yet.
Here are the Pennie Pockets I made the kids for Valentines Day
They contained m&m's, a reese's peanut butter cup heart, Sweetarts Lollipop, Krabby Patties on a stick, and either an itunes gift card (for the teens) or a club penguin gift car (for the littles).
They were pretty happy with 'em!
Don't you just love the faces that boys make when you get out the camera?
Anyway, here is the stuffed animal sleeping bag I was working on last week.
Nick and Sammy G are pretty happy with it. I don't think he has spent any time out of it since I gave it to him, actually.
Ahhh, there's a sort of smile :)

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

CUTE sleeping bag. Amelia keeps asking for one. Sigh. maybe this weekend. But wow! You have been busy! Drama will be done soon and then you can sew for fun. The Pennie Pockets were very cute as well. Great Valentine's Day gifts for the kids.