Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Email can be such a deterent to real life.
But we all have it.
And, for me at least, its fairly necessary.
You know.
I get notices from my fave stores.
Reminders from the library.
Info from the kids school.
Bills due.
You know.  I'm sure you get the same stuff.
But yesterday, I got a baby shower invitation.
I have a quilt all planned out for this baby.
But she's not due 'til October.
The END of October.
I thought I had plenty of time.
Except the baby shower is in the middle of September.
Which I guess I should have expected, if I had thought about it.
Its a good thing I had the quilt planned and fabric purchased.
Well, it was planned in my mind. Not really on paper.
Or computer.
Ok. I got this.
Last night, I sat here and designed it on the computer.
Today, I started it.
It will probably go pretty quick, as it really is small, only about 47x47.
BUT! I had other things on my list to be done first!
My halloween quilt.
The secret quilt I can't blog about yet.
The halloween panels that need quilted.
So I've been derailed.
But its still quilting, right?
And I do love making baby quilts.

Once this one is done, it should be my #9 of 11 in '11.
Pics to come later!

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