Saturday, August 20, 2011

FNSI Results

My FNSI results are less then impressive.
I kinda forgot.

It was an incredibly busy day yesterday.
I took Allie out in the morning to run errands.
BJs and Joanns.
I did get the 8 yds of white I needed to start making Swoon.
Then home where I paired up my Ruby squares and started cutting out Block 1.
By 1:30 we were out the door to take Sam and hubby to the mall.
Sam needed new sneakers for school and then her and hubby were going to see movies.
Yes, different ones.
I did some browsing and then read a book while I waited for them.
As soon as they were done, it was back home, pick up the littler kids
and off to the elementary school to meet their new teachers for this year.
After that, we endured a bad rain and thunder storm and I sat in the rocking chair,
cuddled up under Cherry on Top and read a book.
And totally forgot about the FNSI.
But I did get the 2 fat quarters cut for block 1, so I guess I got something done.
Ahhh well, it was a productive week none the less :)

And Juliann, here is the pattern I am using to make my halloween quilt.

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