Saturday, November 19, 2011

FNSI Results

My 12 days of christmas quilt top is (almost) done! Yeah for FNSI!
I changed the layout of this pattern, instead of 5x5 rows, I went with 4x6.
I'm going to add some borders to make it a bit wider, but my family loves long blankets that we can tuck in around our legs. The border fabric is on its way, so I hope to finish this next week.
This is half of it, the current dimensions are about 48x72.

I also got most of my peppermint candy pillow cut out.
After that, hubby demanded attention as he learned to use his new iphone.
But, a good night and alot accomplished!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

You did great! And got a lot done. Nice job.

Cheryll said...

Oh Yes! you did well. Love the quilt and the pillow. I want to have a go at one of those too. Will watch yours unfold with delight! Great FNSI :)

Cheryll said...

Hi Melissa. My emails keep getting returned.Don't know why! Anyway have you heard from your partner in Lets Exchange?

Manda said...

Lots done well done! That quilt looks great!

Anonymous said...

You sure did have a productive FNSI. The quilt is going to be very pretty once it's finished and great to snuggle under.

Cathy said...

Love your 12 days of Christmas quilt. Can't wait to see the Peppermint candy done. Hugs

Ellen said...

Your quilt looks great! I like my quilts to be longer too.