Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Top 5

1. Hubby and I are leaving in a few minutes to go golfing today. After a long 3 day weekend, I'd love to just go back to bed, but I know we'll have fun anyway.

2. We got the pool put up this weekend. It looks good and I know the kids are excited to use it this summer!

3. I recovered my dining room chairs on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully I'll get the matching valance done tomorrow.

4. I've been working on my craft to do list and the "projects" side is whittling down. The quilt side....not so much.

5. I hand stitched the binding on the quilt for my new nephew. I absolutely love how it looks, but it did take me awhile. Not sure what I'll do next time I have a "normal" size quilt.

Have a great day!

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