Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ironing Excitement

You've heard my tale of woe regarding irons.
I'm not even going there right now, but I will say this new iron seems to be working well.

I am now going to show you my ironing excitement.
This is what my ironing board used to look like:

Dull, boring, reflected heat instead of absorbing it, and covered in "oooops, I just got sticky bond type stuff on my ironing board."
Check out the new ironing board cover:

Amazing improvement, huh?
The credit goes to the Moda Bake Shop, where I got the tutorial.
I had pinned it and shopped for fabric way back in the fall.
And then my strips sat there. And sat there. And everytime I opened that drawer, they just stared at me, begging to be used.

At the same time, I also pinned an ironing board caddy. I always have scissors, seam ripper, pins, markers, and spray starch things on the end of my ironing board and this was my fix for that problem.

No pattern or tute for this, I just used my leftover jelly roll strips, quilted as I went, folded it up and sewed it onto the end of the ironing board.

Not to be outdone, the sewing machines were calling for some attention. So, they got covers made out of the fabric that was left.
Here is Allie's:
(Sorry for the horrible lighting! Ugh!)

And here is mine:

I have a few scraps left still, and I'm eyeballing that cute little trash can that Jen posted about the other day.

And yes, that is Swoon up there on the wall behind the ironing board. I only have 2 blocks done, but hoping to add to them soon!
I just bought season tickets to Six Flags and the quilt shop is just a hop, skip and a jump from there, so I'll have no more excuses for not getting things done and off to the quilters.

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Your ironing board just looks so pretty now. I would hate to use it. You need to make the trash cans. I need to make another but I am working on 13 pencil cases.....