Thursday, June 7, 2012

Project: Bedroom Furniture

Project Bedroom Furniture has been started.

About a week ago, I bought a gallon of primer. A few days ago, Allie and I took off some of the hardware and made a trip to Home Depot. We came home with paint brushes, a gallon of paint for her (in yellow) and a quart of paint for me (in green). Of course (because, really, no DIY project is ever 100% easy), none of the hardware was the right size, but we found some we liked and bought one of each (we need lots and lots) in hopes that we could make it work.
A day or two later, I stopped at Lowe's and still, no hardware that would fit the existing holes. (Nothing on the internet either!) But, I did come home with wood putty.

And yesterday, Allie took all the drawers out of her room and brought them to the garage. Her and I took off all the hardware and we were ready to go.

Today....daddy and I filled the holes that needed replaced.
Her and I primed the dresser, chest, side table and my bookshelf that has joined this project.
Daddy and I also sanded the  filled holes and he drilled the new holes.

Oh, don't let me forget to mention, we didn't wear gloves on our hands because I am used to paint that washes off. Oil based primer does not "just wash off".

According to my birthday teen (17! How did that happen?) who googled for me, as my hands were covered in the aforementioned paint, mixing oil and salt and using it as soap should work.
And it did :)

Tomorrow I plan on putting primer on all the drawer fronts, painting ALL the pieces, and running to Home Depot to buy the rest of the hardware. After all that, I have a feeling I'll be done for the day!

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

and I HOPE you will post a picture or two of your DIY efforts. :)