Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Sack Gifts

OMGosh!!!! I am so excited! If my day is even half as good as my morning, it will be FAN-Tastic!!!
Jen, I can NOT thank you enough for a fabulous Santa Sack!
To say I love it all is an understatement!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For those of you wondering what is so amazing, I present to you:
My Santa Sack gifts:
Overview of everything!
My son opened the first gift, 2 fat quarters and 4 baby charm packs.
I'm not even sure what these are called, so baby charm packs they are!
Lovely by Sandy Gervais and Buttercup by Fig Tree and Co.
Teen #2 opened the next one! This wonderful catch all bag that I just love the colors of!
And inside were these 2 little tins: 1 filled with pins and the other is a mini sewing kit!
Teen #1 opened this! OMGosh!!!!!! LOVE IT!
Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and this is such a fantastic addition to my decorations!
I LOVE IT!!!!!
And my quilting princess opened this lovely lap quilt!
Jen, its beautiful, thank you! Now, to find the exact right place to put it!
After that, Allie and I opened the rest together! This is a coupon organizer, with list and pen to go with it! Sorry, I should have taken a pic of the inside. Take my word for it, its great!
(Psst, Jen! When you blogged that you were making these, I thought "Oh, I need one of those, I'll have to make one." Guess I don't have to now!)
Next, came this little chicken pin cushion! Soooo cute! Allie is in love!
Next was this Strawberry Fields notebook holder.
Again, LOVE IT!!!
I am a list maker, so this is just perfect!
Hehe, watermelon and ants oven mits!
I have used this fabric in a runner, so obviously, I love it! These are great!
Halloween kitchen towels!!! Perfect!!
Mug Rug/Snack Mat and Best Press Starch Alternative.
The only question here is do I leave this next to the computer where I spend so much time, or do I put it next to the sewing machine, where I spend an equal amount of time? Decisions, decisions!
And last, but not least, this AMAZING bag!
I love it! The colors and fabric are great and its an awesome size!
I carry bags all the time and this one is going to the top of the stack!
And, if you didn't notice, it totally matches the smaller catch all that got opened earlier!

Jen, again, thank you! Everything is wonderful!
I know you are out of town, but hopefully you will see this soon.
I hope you like your things even half as much as I like mine.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I am SOOOOO HAPPY you like everything!! And it gave me a good reminder of what I gave you. LOL!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Oh and that's funny that you think that's a lap quilt. I meant it for a table topper but didn't look at the dimensions. It's a bit big, isn't it?? Well, enjoy it any way you want. I had cut charms for myself for the same thing and now I can't find them!

Cheryll said...

OMG... you must have been a GOOD girl for Santa Jen to leave all those lovelies! All your gifts are just perfect! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Hope to see again in 2012. Your friend and swap mama :)

Anonymous said...

whow Melissa what a great lot of pressies there from Jen,they are all wonderful well done

Wendy said...

What an awesome swap sack!

Tarnyia said...

WOW oh WOW what a wonderful santa sack you received xxx

Michele said...

I just came over from Jen's blog to see what she made :-) wow!! You are a lucky girl Melissa :-) Such fun treats!!

Toni said...

what fun gifts you must be thrilled.

Quilting Chemist (Danette) said...

What wonderful goodies you received, so many BEAUTIFUL handmade gifts.

Fiona said...

What lovely gifts.. glad you have had such fun...
Merry Christmas to all of you...

Quilt Kitty said...

Wow, Jen has made you some glorious pressies. Merry Christmas! Tracee xx