Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second of 11 in '11

Some very dear friends of ours are
having a baby in June.
But they moved away last month :(

When I found out they were moving, I hurried
and made this baby quilt for them.
And then I got sick.
It didn't get done in time to give to them
before they moved.
But I'm sure we'll see them again soon.
And, if not, then I'll mail it.

But I did show it to them, it just wasn't
But now it is.

Actually, one corner of that darn green border needs resewn.
Maybe I'll do that today.

I love this quilt.
The colors. The design. Even the border.
But I will never make that border again! What a nightmare!

Boy? Girl? No one knows, but
I'm sure this quilt will make either one happy :)

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