Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Update

I just rechecked the last post to this blog.
March 15.

Yikes! My intentions of posting
are always good.
The follow through is often not there.
Sorry about that!

This time, I had a really good excuse.
Life altering in fact.

Last Wednesday my mom let me know that
my grandfather was checking himself out of the
hospital under hospice care. I think we
all know what that means.

And as soon I got that news, I got other news
that my sister in law was in labor.
Such is the ebb and flow of life.

I haven't seen my grandfather in almost 3 years.
Not for lack of want to see him, but he lives over 1000 miles away
and with a family of 6, that is not an easy distance to cover.

So, dh and I made the decision that I needed to go see him.
Luckily, dh's parent's were able to fly into town to stay
with our munchkin's and he came with me. It was an emotional trip.
One I am still recovering from.

The good news is, my grandfather is doing better. The bad news (or, not, depending on how you look at it) is that  its really just a matter of time for him. But it was so good to see him.
And I know he appreciated our presence.
I still fight tears when I think of him.

The awesome news is that I am now the proud aunt of another nephew.
He was born on Saturday, March 19, 2011.
And he is the most beautiful baby I think I have ever seen.
Dark, dark blue eyes.
My brother's italian skin tone.
Long fingers, light hair.
Precious and healthy, all we can ever ask for.
I spent every moment that I could, holding him.
Luckily his mama and daddy let me, as I live so far away.

We got back late last night.
It was a whirlwind trip and its going to take me a while to
recover from it. It was wonderful to see my family.
It was heartbreaking to see my grandpa.
I've always admired my grandmother. But never more so then now,
when I watch her stand by his side, knowing what is coming.
60+ years of marriage and they are still so in love.
They got married when she was 16.
I don't know what she is going to do without him.

Such is my tale of woe.

Tomorrow, I'll get restarted on my blog.
I have 3 quilts that need shown off and posted.
A table runner.
A new carry on bag.
Maybe even a pic of my new machine.

I had new fabric come in.
I have finished my "time line" things.
Now I can focus on what I want to work on.

The list is long. The desire is strong.
The timing.....ugh.
We'll be home now for 3 weeks.
Then the kids get spring break.
Dh and I moved up our trip home from June to April.
I want my kids to see their great grandfather one more time.
So I have to get ready for that.
Plus, it'll be Nick's birthday, Easter and then
Sam's birthday. April is always a bit crazy without the addition
of this trip. But its something I have to do.

So, please forgive me, the few followers that I have.
I promise to try to be a better blogger!

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