Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Update

No pics today, sorry!

I still owe you pics of my new carry on bag and my March table runner.
I'll try to take some soon, its been rainy and dreary here,
so the light stinks to take pics.

Today, I finished Nick's quilt top!
This was a UFO that I started sometime last  year,
so I am excited to cross it off the to do list.

This weekend, I hope to get it layered and pinned,
maybe quilt it next week?

Shhhh, I am making dh a surprise.
I've been wanting to try a mug rug and today I came across a great tute
for it. Erin, over at Two More Seconds,
has been hosting a Mug Rug Madness blog around and today's
was my fave, I think. Since today was opening day
of baseball, I did it in Met's colors. Tomorrow, I need to find and print
a Met logo and I'm going to applique that on and then give it to him for his office.
So, pics of that coming up too!

Also, on this weekend's to do list is to start and finish (at least the top!)
my spring/Easter table runner. I have fabric, but not the slightest idea
of what I want to do with it.

I guess that's all that is really going on here.
I am trying to decide what to work on next. I need to redo
my quilt list and add all the new projects that I have bought fabric for.
I have 2 projects in the works...I really should focus on at least one of those,
preferably the king size for my bed that will have to be sent out to be quilted.
But I also need to finish the Block A Palooza quilt I started in Jan.
But then there's that other one.
Ohhh, and that one!
And don't forget that one!
Ahhhhh, you know what I mean!

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