Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Its hard to believe that another year has flown by!
Did you make any resolutions? Goals?
How about for this year?

2011 was a good one for me.
I really can't believe that its over!

My goals were simple:
Personally, I wanted to lose 15-20 pounds and keep it off.
Well, I mostly did that. It took me until July, but before we left for Hawaii, I was down 20 pounds.
I've put 5 back on since then, but I am comfortable and happy with where I'm at, so that's good.
I really don't want to see the scale next week when the kids go back to school, but the holiday's only come once a year and I was not going to deprive myself! LOL

My quilting goal was also simple, although it took me much longer to acheive.
Make and finish 11 quilts.
I had 7 done by July,
but then it took me 5 months to do 4 more.
12 days of Christmas got finished on Dec 29th!
2 were sent out to be quilted, one was twin size and the other was king size.
All the rest were done by me, all in various sizes.
12 days is also twin size so that is my biggest quilt, to date,
that I have quilted myself.
I don't have a full pic of 12 days yet, so you'll have to settle for this one, taken this morning,
when the boy first got up. He told me last night that 12 days is now tied with Cherry on Top for his favorite quilt. The fleece backing makes it a dream to cuddle with!

My 2012 goal is also simple, but less goal oriented.
Finish what you start.
Finish some tops that need layered and quilted, even if they are small projects.
Put my family first.
I do that every day, but several personal sewing projects (aprons, pajama's, pillow cases) got put off as I worked to reach my quilt goal.
And last, make my sewing room into the room I need it to be!
I finally convinced hubby to move Allie's bed out of there and into her's and Nick's room.
She had been using Nick's spare bunk bed, but now he has those back and she is in her bed.
AND the sewing room is ready to be 100% converted. Before, I had tables and shelves, now I have the whole room!
Mom and I (Did I mention my mom is here visiting? She is and I love spending time with her) moved an unused desk in there yesterday, so now it just needs reorganzed. I'll tackle it later this week when the kids are back in school and Mom goes back home.

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Hooray for the sewing room make-over! Love the Christmas quilt. I have a 12 days in progress myself. Good idea with the flannel backing. I may have to do that too.