Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little love

Let's face it,
Valentine's Day was made for girls.
We love it!
(Most of us, I think!)

The flowers. The candy. The jewelry.
Its a way for our guy to really SHOW that he loves us.

Except it's so commercialized!
Yikes! The candy, the flowers, its all designed to make us SPEND SPEND SPEND!

Hubby and I love each other. ALOT.
And we don't need Valentine's Day to celebrate that love.
Some years I do get flowers. Some years we go for dinner or a movie.
Not every year, certainly.
One of our most memorable Valentine's Day was a few years ago when we went to see The Valentine's Day Massacre. In 3D.
We still laugh at that memory!

And ever since the kids were little, and I mean LITTLE, we have always done a little something for them, too.
(Insert adorable photo of above mentioned children here. I searched MANY cd's but can't find the photo I was looking for. SORRY!)
Candy, balloons, single flowers, little things.
And this year will be no exception.
But, I can't share yet, cause you never know who might stop by to browse my blog.
Yep, even my teen's aren't too cool to see what mom might be up to!
If you follow Moda Bake Shop, you might have seen my idea!
I'll show off my project when the day get's here!
Hehe, supposing I get it done on time!

As for my house...I've always had a few things. A "welcome" door hanging.
A Longaberger Valentine's Basket.
Float bowl with red and pink crystals and heart floating candles.
Last year I added a quilted table runner and table square.
This year, I've got a few things going on.
I am working on my Always and Forever quilt.
6 out of 20 squares are done, and I am hoping to double that amount tomorrow.
I finished (well, mostly! but more on that later) a new Valentine's wall hanging.
And look what I found on the web tonight:

I pinned it and within an hour I had 3 likes and 27 repins! Cool!
I plan on turning it into another wall hanging.
I think I will quilt the letters, and then hand stich on the little bows.
And instead of quilting a piece of fabric to be the string holding on the heart,
I think I will use real ribbon.
Haven't decided yet if I'll quilt it on, or let it hang.

I am really into Valentine's Day this year, and I don't know why.
Maybe just because I like the idea of my house looking festive.
Maybe because it makes my kids happy.
Maybe, its because Valentine's Day gives us a reason to show and not just tell how much we love each other.

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

I can't wait to see what you're making for Valentine's Day! Like you, Hubby and I don't do much for V-day. I'll get him some chocolates and a couple of cards (one funny, one mushy) but Amelia gets most of the attention. This year she's getting a small set of Legos and a book with her own chocolates. I would make her something but I'm sending my machine off for cleaning and (minor) repair. Don't know when I'll get it back.