Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Skipping Winter

Haha, now Jen has me looking to see how many blog post's I have!
And this is #100 :) Yeah!
So, yesterday I decided to skip winter and head straight to Valentine's Day!
Ever since I finished my 12 Days quilt, I've been itching to start something new.
Thinking about quilting.
Dreaming about quilting.
Planning my next "thing".
Except, I couldn't decide what my next thing was.
My options were:
a snowman wall hanging
valentine pillow
valentine wall hanging
valentine quilt
winter pillow (cover)
swoon quilt

Then I signed up for the Swoon Quilt Along.
Then I signed up for the One Thing, One Week Challenge.
And then I sat in my cave and stared. And thought.
And planned. But I could not make a decision!
Sooooo......I made the winter pillow cover that I wanted to make for my OTOW challenge.
Got that done. Quick and easy, maybe a 2 hour project :)
Then came the hard part.....everything else is fairly involved.
And I usually only have 1 quilt going at a time.
I may have other small projects, but never 2 quilts.
Except, I can't say that anymore!
I started the Valentine quilt yesterday, block 1 of 20 is done.
And I still plan to work on Swoon at the same time.
Today, I ordered the rest of what I need for the Valentine's Day quilt:
border, binding, and another jelly roll, as its going to take 2.
I am using Always and Forever by Deb Strain for Moda.
Its so sweet!
I also picked up some Kona Medium Pink for the sashing and some pink flannel for the backing.

I'm all set for block 2, I just need to go cut it out and do it :)
How about you?
Are you staying with winter? Or looking ahead to Valentine's?

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Hooray for 100 posts! I don't really decorate for Valentine's Day. I have one table topper and it's on my table already. I'll be "Swooning" for the next couple of weeks as well as working in some other things that are on my mind. I actually wrote it all down. I work better from lists. :)