Friday, December 31, 2010


What words can I use to describe her?
Fun. Loving. Energetic.
Attitude-y. Funny. Athletic.
Busy. Cool. Friendly.
And after yesterday, I can describe her as a
seamstress in training.

She went with me to the fabric store the other night.
We spent her money and bought her a child's Singer sewing machine.
It took D batteries and only made 2 stitches.
No bobbin.
And it was LOUD.
But she loved it.
We also bought some fabric for her to make a
few things for herself and her favorite
stuffed animal.
By the following morning, I hated that machine.
And all she had done was practice on it.

So I decided to teach her on my machine and we
would return the other one.
Yesterday she made several things:
A reversible blanket for a stuffed animal.
2 pillows for that animal.
A mattress.
And a purse/bag.
She had some help. Grandma is here and me.
But for the most part, she did it all herself.
I am so proud.
She spent the evening trying to decide what to do next.
She couldn't decide between curtains, pajama pants,
or a quilt.
She decided on all three.
I have most of the fabric for those things here at home.

But I needed some other quilt fabric and she needed some
to go with what she had picked out.
So, back to the fabric store today.
Got all that we needed and returned the small machine.
We're both happy.

Me-I'm thrilled she wants to do this with me!

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