Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday Accouting

A day late and a dollar short...isn't that always the way?
I thought about this post yesterday, but I was literally out of the house from 9.30 to 3.30, dropped off my packages, made dinner and back out the door from 6.15 to 9.45 and by that time I was TIRED!
Needless to say, no sewing got done!

Projects Started:

Projects Completed:-6 placemats for my sister
-table runner, also for my sister
-pajama's for my nephew
Projects In Statis:
-quilt for my mom for christmas...needs a block appliqued
(haven't even started that part)
and then the last row attached and the edges sewn and then "ragged"
-receiving blanket size quilt for my new nephew
that is due to arrive in March
(the blocks are put together,
I need to applique a teddy bear into the middle block)
 and then finish piecing the top, quilt and bind

Projects on the To Do list:
-pajama's for my neice
-tablerunner/square for my sister in law
-aprons for both my father and mother in law
......more and more and more...
This week's stats:
Currently in progress: 2
Completed projects: 3
New projects started: 0

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