Wednesday, December 29, 2010


December is pretty much gone.
Hard to believe that tomorrow is the 30th already!

I haven't been back here in awhile.
I got sick a few weeks ago and things have been
on fast forward since then.

But I did get all my christmas sewing done.
With the exception of the tag that needs to go on
my mom's quilt.
I'll finish that before she heads home on Sunday.

But, to count the gift list, not including what I made for myself:
2 table squares, one for my brother and one for my sister in law
a rag quilt for my mom
a table runner for my sister
6 placemats, also for my sister
pajama's, eye mask, and covered 4x6 photo album for my nephew
pajama's, eye mask, and covered 4x6 photo album for my niece
a small quilt for my new nephew to be, due in March
an apron for my mother in law
an apron for my father in law

All of it was made and shipped/delivered on time.
I'm proud of myself!

I'm also glad the holidays are over.
The new year is upon us and my project list is
getting started in my head.
I got a Bali Pop in Pink Lemonade for christmas.
I have a pattern picked out for it.
I need to buy the background fabric so that I'm ready
to start it when I can.

I got 2 small jelly rolls for my birthday, back in November.
I've picked out a Bargello pattern I want to try.
This one kind of scares me.
But I can do it.
I need to buy several more pieces of fabric before I can get started.

I went to the fabric store last night.
<smile> I had to. I haven't been in several weeks!

I got some fun valentine fabric.
I'll probably make a cute table runner for my dining room table.
And maybe a table square for my kitchen table.

I also got some backing for the quilt I'm making
for my new nephew.
I have that almost all the way pieced.
I bought the fabric before the holiday,
and cut and pieced it in 2 days.
All it needs is the side borders put on and its done.
Maybe tomorrow?

Then, there's the other list.
You know. The one that keeps getting longer
but nothing get's crossed off it!?!
The king size quilt for my bed.
The baby scrap book for my daughter who is now 15.
The many MANY pairs of pajama's that I
bought fabric for on the Black Friday sale.
22 yards, if memory serves correctly.
Pillows for the family room to go with the
furniture I bought over the summer.

The list goes on....
But that's it from me tonight.
I'm going to try to come up with a plan for next year.
I have a million projects.
A HUGE vacation in July.
A much needed weight loss.
An exercise regimen that will hopefully help the headaches.
etc etc etc

Good night friends :)

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