Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Day!

The kids are off school today.
High school midterms finished up, which means
the whole school district get's the following 2 days off.
A little weird to me, but whatever,
we'll take it.

But its snowing anyway.
Which puts school tomorrow in jeopardy.
This area is not equipped to deal with snow.
At all.

So, today, I shall quilt.
I got all the squares cut out to start making the blocks
for my king size quilt.
Yesterday, I finished 4 squares.
Out of about 30.
So, a very good start in just a few hours.
I wonder how many I can get done today?

It would be so cool to get this done quickly
and then send it out to be quilted!

I'll sip my tea, sew my blocks,
and listen to my children argue play nicely
in the background.

I hope you enjoy YOUR day!

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