Thursday, January 27, 2011

Waiting for Spring Block A Palooza Block 2

Yeah! Its Thursday!
That means the 2nd block for Block A Palooza
came out today!
Can you tell I am a bit excited?

I checked this block.
Darn, she must be on a different time zone then me.
So, I went and shoveled the huge driveway that
had 6-8 inches of snow on it.
Came back in.....
And there it was!
The second block!
Looks like ALOT of cutting and sewing.
Little TINY 2 inch blocks.
Lots of them!
I'm not thrilled.

So, I finished what I was working on.
Went out with my girlfriend and somehow
bought a quilt book but no fabric!
Yeah me! LOL
Although, my youngest daughter bought fabric.
That can't count against me!

Came back home and looked at the block again.
I really like it.
But I've never attempted anything like this.
No time like now, huh?
So I started cutting.
And cutting.
And cutting.
And then realized that all these little tiny squares now
need sewn together. In a particular order!

I can do this!
And so I did.
Out of all those little squares, only 1 didn't match up exactly!

I do think this would have been much easier strip pieced,
but I did it as the directions called for.

I'm liking this quilt along!

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