Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cherry on the top

Is it or isn't it?
A rag quilt.
Is it a real quilt?
Or just a fancy blanket?

I'm going to go with a real quilt.
I cut out all the pieces.
I will sew them all into strips.
I'll sew all the strips together.
And then my quilt top will be done.
Its just that it will already be quilted.

I made one for my mom for christmas and I loved how it turned out.
I forgot how much until I was at her house last month
and got to use it. So cozy and warm!

Bear with me for a second.
I know this seems off tangent.
I made a flannel quilt for my new nephew.
I wasn't in love with how it came together,
but it was cute.
Well, one day it was laying on the back of the couch.
I was cold, so I pulled it down on top of me.
I think it instantly became my favorite quilt!

Aiden was born last month and the quilt was dutifully given.
My kids thought for sure I was going to keep it for myself.
I didn't.
But, man, my mornings have been much cooler without that quilt.

You can see where this is going now, right?
I had to make another one.

I didn't like the way the flannel quilted together. The fabric
was much harder to quilt and it kept bunching up.
I wasn't thrilled with the idea of doing that again.
I decided to make a flannel rag quilt.
Best of both worlds.
I can quilt the small squares together, then proceed
as with a "normal" quilt.

In reality, this quilt is my #6 for 11 in '11, but
it should be done before #4 and 5, so those two will
have to move down a slot.

I do appreciate how quickly rag quilts come together!

Disclaimer: That photo only tell's part of the tale.
The blue will be on bottom and not seen anywhere
near the cherries! Don't worry, the fabric's are awesome,
you just can't see them all!
I decided to do "girly" on top for the girls, hawaiin blue flowers on the bottom for the boys.

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