Friday, April 15, 2011

Cherry on Top

My Cherry on Top is finished!

I got the final stitching done yesterday morning.
And promptly wrapped my son up in it
to check the "cozy" factor.
It passed with flying colors.

I spent several hours throughout the day
cutting the seams to make it "raggedy".
Then, of course, it had to be washed.
And dried.
Clean lint filter.
Dry some more.
Clean lint filter.
Dry some more.
Get the picture? It created a ton of lint!

Oh! Well, here's a picture

And here's a close up of the blocks.

And here's the back.

Pink for the girls,
Blue for the boys.

So, this was my fourth of 11 in '11.
I am right on track.
Nick's quilt still needs layered and quilted.
My king size still needs dropped off at the quilter to be quilted.
And when I get home from my trip, I plan on starting my Sunkissed quilt.

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