Saturday, April 9, 2011

My daughter, the quilter

Allie is 10.
She's my youngest daughter
and the only one who seem's to have
a genuine interest in sewing.

She is always *making* me buy her fabric.
Either for her to make stuff herself,
or for me to make for her.
She also loves to sew scraps on whichever sewing maching I am not using.
She actually has her own box of scraps that she keeps on my shelf
and is constantly going through and playing with.

Today, I was napping on the couch
(Late night and too much to drink, LOL)
and, apparently, she decided she wanted to sew.
Which was fine, really.
I don't mind and I trust her to use the tools
correctly. After all, I taught her how.

She decided to make a quilt square.
On her own.
With no help.
Here it is
I have never taught her to do this.
She cut the inner green square. Added the blue triangles.
And then added the border. She also used the fancy quilting stitch to dress up the middle.
She knew not to use the iron without supervision,
so, she finger pressed the seams open until I showed up to iron.

Not only am I impressed with her skill
(not perfect, but darn good!),
but she learned this by watching me.
How cool is that??


Cheryll said...

Can you email me re Santa Sack Swap (you are a no reply blogger) please :)

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very cool! I hope my little one will become interested to really learn and not just play.