Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Missing Pics

I know, I know, I really
need to get some new pics up!
To be honest, I haven't picked up my camera
in awhile.
Maybe this weekend?

So, the big news of the day is.......
I finished my king size quilt top!
I'll take it to the quilters either tomorrow or Friday.
I can't believe how close I am to having it on my bed!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Fabric updates:
I bought some flannel and have cut out all the pieces
to make my new flannel rag quilt.
I'd really like to get this done by next Friday so it can be
my car blanket for our trip to Iowa.
I'm going to buy the batting this afternoon and hopefully get it started
tonight or tomorrow!
I have also figured out what to do with my Sunkissed/Bloggers Quilt A Long.
I really liked the design they created.
But I was not liking the look of the sampler blocks.
Which was really my fear when I realized that was what
the whole quilt was going to be.
So, I redesigned it.
I'm going to do 2 quilt block designs around the outside for the border
and keep the center applique.
You can check out the applique here
and the quilt design here.
I think I will be much happier with this idea :)
On hold:
I haven't touched my son's quilt top since I finished it last week.
Its on my to do list to layer and quilt, but those are
my least favorite parts of quilting.
I also haven't done anything about a spring/Easter table runner.
At this point, I'm not sure what is going to happen with that.
I may just jump right into something for May and skip Easter this year.
The St Pats day runner is still on my table.
Which, to be honest, didn't make it there til the end of March, so
we haven't been staring at it for that long!

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