Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The next Friday Night Sew In is here!
This Friday!

HA! Heidi put the sign ups up last week.
So, I thought it was for last Friday and I didn't sign up.
Imagine my surprise when I was on Bobbi's blog this morning
and she said it was this Friday!
Yeah! Sign me up!

Are you interested?

I'll have to wait and see what I'll work on. You saw that "to do" pile yesterday!
But I made some good progress already!
I cut out the pattern and fabric for a skirt for Allie and a skirt for me.
Plus, I have Cassidy's messenger bag almost done.
If the girl hadn't asked for innner pocket's, I'd be finished already!

Volunteering in Nick's classroom this morning.
More laundry.
Finish the messenger bag.
Work on that quilt backing I need done.

Have a good day!

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