Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Messenger Bag

When we went out of town last month,
I stocked up on some quilting magazines.
Two 18 hour drives requires alot of reading material.

One of the magazines I picked up was this:

See the cute little bag in the top right?
That's on my to do list. Somewhere.
But, inside the magazine was a purse/messenger bag free pattern.
And, coincidentally, my oldest daughter has been asking me to make her a messenger bag.
She wants it for the Hawaii trip, as well as day trips where she needs a bit more room and an "over the shoulder/across the chest" strap for comfort.
I should have taken a pic of it on her, but I didn't.
Here is the outside.

The pattern was easy to read and came together very quickly.
I did make a few, small changes and learned some things along the way.
I added heavy duty interfacing to both sides of the bag body to help it hold its shape.
(Haha, what I learned was don't add that until AFTER you have forced the body through the handles to get the bag right side out!)
Cassidy also informed me that she had no intentions of using it reversible, as it was intended, so could I please add some pockets to the inside.
(would have been nice to know this BEFORE I sewed the bag together)
And, lastly, I added a zipper....I have no idea why someone would want a bag or purse that has no closure! Yikes, talk about theft waiting to happen.

Here is a pic of the inside:

And so, the first item has been checked off the Hawaii to do list.
After I finished this, I started Allie's 4 layer skirt.
But I promised myself I wouldn't post pics of anything until they are done.
I got all the layers sewn together, the zipper in and the hem done. All I need to do is add the yoke lining.

For now, I have eaten so I am going to take a migraine pill and go back to bed, in hopes that I can save this day from being headache hell.

Just as a btw, Allie has been working on her quilt the last few days.
I'll take a pic later and update you on her work!
So cool to see her working on a full size (well, twin, but you know what I mean!) quilt!

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Great bag! I have that Q&M mag but I must have missed that bag in there. I'm going to check it out again later. I may add it to my own "to do" list!