Thursday, May 12, 2011

Waiting for Spring

Have you ever done a Quilt-a-long?
I joined the Block A Palooza quilt a long back in January.
I'd never done one before and it sounded fun.
Make 2 blocks a week for 8 weeks, add some finishing touches and voila,
a whole quilt top, done.
Except it was a sampler.
Which I guess if I had thought about, I should have known.
And that's not my style.
At all.
So, I did the first 6 blocks.
I liked them all.
Just not together.

But I had all this fabric.
That I wasn't sure I would love when I ordered it,
but I did.
Sunkissed is beautiful!

I needed to come up with another idea.
I decided to take the basic idea from the quilt a long and make it my own.
I designed 2 quilt blocks to make the border.
Then I copied the center panel.
As my dh says, totally  not my style,
but it turned out cute.

I finished the quilt top yesterday.
Now I have to do the backing.
I am thinking of incorporating those extra blocks that I made.
Not quite sure yet.
I'd like to get the backing done soon so I can get this dropped off at the quilters next week.

In the meantime,
wanna sneak peak?

And here's part of the center panel.

In terms of 11 in '11, I am almost half way done.
I have the king size (I really need to name that baby!) at the quilters now.
It is #5.
Waiting for Spring is just about ready to be dropped off.
Its #6.
Nick's quilt, Lightening Strikes, still needs to be quilted.
That is on the docket to be done as soon as I get all the Hawaii sewing done.
It'll be #7. (I bought some batting spray, at a fellow quilters suggestion, that I want to use on this, so I'm anxious to see how it works!)

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PunkiePie (Jen) said...

Very pretty! I'm not much of a sampler girl either. I finished my first sampler - pinwheels - and I'm totally in love. I'm working on a jelly roll sampler. Not me but it's going to my daughter so that's okay. And I'm working on a layer cake sampler but I've kicked out 6 of the blocks that were given to us for our sampler because quite frankly, they were U-G-L-Y. So I'm coming up with replacements for them. That one too is going to my daughter. After that, I'm done with samplers, I think,