Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Years Goals

Good morning! Or afternoon, evening, whatever it is in your neck of the woods,

Today is Jan 5 and I've been thinking and thinking of my new years goals and I'm not sure I'm any closer to deciding on them now then I was a few days ago.  But, I figure, its time to get something written down and maybe something will come to me as I sit here and type.


  • I want to become a home school ninja. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I'm hoping that I'll have a clearer definition by the end of the school year. We;re homeschooling our son now but will probably be homeschooling him and our youngest daughter next year.
  • I want to commit to this blog better. I know I said the same thing last year, but I really mean it this time! 
  • I want to be more patient with my family. Listen more, yell less.  Enjoy today and not worry about tomorrow.
In the sewing room:
  • My number one has to be my daughter's graduation quilt. Its hard to believe I have another one graduating, but its true and its no less emotional this year. I have everything bought, I just need to get going on it. June will be here before I know it.
  • Finish quilting Sew Spooky. All that's left is the bat border and then one outside border. I'm going to finish this this year!
  • UFOs.....there are a few laying around....a patriotic table square that needs quilted, a gift for someone that needs quilted, pajama pants for my son that need finished. I need to get this stuff done and off my to do list!
  • I want to go back to setting weekly goals for myself. Big, small, something I need to work on or something I'm distracted by this week, just something to sew.

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